ASCTrac® Tailored Solutions

Integrated Tailored Solutions for Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

ASC Customized Supply Chain Products:

In addition to our standard products, ASC also provides many tailored solutions. These systems vary in complexity from customizing a standard product to meet a unique situation, or to very large completely stand-alone solution. Our extensive software library combined with our vast experience in systems engineering allows ASC to implement custom solutions in a very timely, cost effective manner.

Some example applications are:

Manufacturing Solutions: Work-In-Process inventory tracking of raw materials and back-flushing into finished goods, lot tracking, ensure correct components, ensure no-duplicate serial numbers, auto-scanning sub-systems, auto-printing and labeling systems, PLC connectivity, automotive tester interfaces, labor tracking, scrap tracking, sequential build procedures, palletizer connectivity, conveyors, load verification, and many others

eBusiness Solutions - B2B Order Entry, customized web systems, reporting, and more.

ArmoredTrac® - For the armored car industry, this powerful solution provides: armored car routing (daily/regular), item pickup/delivery tracking, vault tracking and sorting, positive chain of custody tracking, full audit trails, and remote wireless communications (and/or GPS mapping). This provides on-the-spot reconciliation for lost bags. In addition, there is a bank version of ArmoredTrac® for internal ATM inbound chain-of-custody tracking with instant reconciliation processes.

Package Tracking Solutions - In our suite of Route delivery products, we have added a segment for package delivery carriers. It allows for tracking bar coded packages and proof of delivery (i.e. signature capture).

Specialized Tracking Solutions - truck/trailer yard management (using exterior bar code scanners and/or RFID), health care inventory control (cart exchange) and many other unique types of automatic identification applications.

Host Connectivity Solutions: for any type of host connection, we excel in connecting systems together - especially in host ERP environment.

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We can solve your toughest auto ID applications.

As an example, ASC developed the original AIAG design specification working with Daimler Chrysler for the final approved automotive AIAG trailer bar code specification. It is used for yard tracking for over-the-road trailers and is available for all of the automotive industry to utilize. In addition, this specification can function for all industries, not just automotive. Contact us for more details.

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