ASCTrac® WMS eBusiness Option Module


Benefits of eBusiness:

  • B2B/B2C/3PL Order Entry, and Omni-channel fulfillment operations
  • Real time to the inventory system for QATP
  • No interface to support
  • B2B/B2C Self-service Status
  • B2C with credit card billing
  • Designed for 3PL's
  • RMA's (Returns and Repairs)
  • Supports Containerized Freight operations
  • Inventory Management (multi-site)
  • Used by many of the world's largest companies
  • Multi-Channel connectors for external orders
  • Better ROI because it is seamless
  • Great for Catalog Fulfillment
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To promote your distribution or manufacturing business today, you must have a web site that allows your customers to connect to your business.

In addition, today's online customers have increasing expectations for their online shopping experience: - perfect inventory levels, perfect order fulfillment, perfect delivery expectations, notification of quantity available for shipment at the point of the order entry, and competitive pricing.

If any of these customer expectations are not met, your customer simply goes somewhere else.

To solve this challenge, ASC has carefully designed and developed a powerful eBusiness web-based order fulfillment solution (B2B or B2C, 3PL) comprised of many features to bring the full power of ASCTrac ® WMS fulfillment to your operations.

You can configure it to any store front style that you wish, and you can have many store-fronts for 3PL inventory. But most importantly, it is "real-time to the inventory system" (for real-time quantity available to promise), and provides instant self-service for your clients.

Whether used for the intense needs of 3PL operations, or business-to-business use, or for business-to-consumer, this module allows web based users to connect to your supply chain operations (based upon your preset security levels.)

Our eBusiness solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer and can be configured to meet many different roles of your users (including Omni-Channel fulfillment - see below.)

Order Entry - (Real-time Status, Changes, RMA's)

Using our B2B-B2C web based eBusiness module is a very cost effective way to bring your business "on-line" to your customers. Standard features include customer Order Entry (create, change, delete, check order status in real-time, check parcel shipments in real-time, print statement locally), support for back orders, and Return Material Authorization (RMA's). Other features include electronic catalogs, shopping carts, credit card processing, and more. You can check out the features from our white paper (see link above.)

B2C storefront version with secure payment processing, parcel shipping rate shopping, catalog sales, shopping carts. Different from B2B, B2C allows any end user to create an order for fulfillment and the B2C handles payments at the same time.

Several credit card networks are supported: these networks support Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, debit cards, etc. Some of these networks include PCI, ATH, Pay Pal (mostly eCommerce), and others.

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Omni-channel Order Entry:

The optional Omni-channel Order Entry module allows the ASCTrac® WMS to function as just the "fulfillment system behind the scenes" of another web site (or any external system.) For example, another web site can be the client-facing order entry site as far as the web user is aware, but behind the scenes, a real-time XML connection to the ASCTrac® WMS exists for web views of what is available to ship (QATP), allocation of inventory, etc. Then, firm orders can be placed after knowing what items are in guaranteed stock, and load plans can be placed if needed. This Omni-channel order entry module will allow interfacing with any XML capable system (external web engines, external ERP, legacy systems, etc.). (Contact us regarding shipping cost calculations and pre-freight rating.)

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3PL Operations - (Robust 3PL functions, Multi-company face)

Designed for the intense needs of all 3PL's, this allows your clients to add items, create orders for their clients, check status of orders, create items in your warehouse, and manage their inventory. Plus, it is setup for maintaining Client access privileges via Web access in multiple modes - Admin user, Regular user, and End users. Even more, it supports tens of thousands of users as it is scalable on your servers and it is designed for fast entry. Versatile enough for a regular B2B, its enhanced 3PL functions include "multi-company face" meaning that each client, upon a login, will see their own B2B web site with their own company logos and unique color styles.

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Containerized Freight Operations:

Tracking items from the overseas manufacturing groups to your door is easily accomplished in this web based option. Combined with the ASCTrac® Containerized Freight Module, this function will allow complete entry at the manufacturing facilities or at your port of exit. It allows ties all the way back to your original Purchase Order(s), to the items in each container, and can link to your Customer Orders for direct or indirect shipments. This automates your supply chain to provide quicker order-to-cash cycles.

Automating and tracking your products in-transit is what this module does best. It even allows you connect all the back to your Accounts Payable in real time for on-the-water shipments for vendor payment requests. For verification purposes, you can optionally use the bar code or RFID scanning interface at the point of entry to further verify what exactly is in the container. Plus, if you are using the ASCTrac® Manufacturing modules, it can allow production reporting at the point of activity providing a complete a shipboard manifest by serial number of each item. This supports a real time "Quantity Available to Promise" for your clients to insure a fully synchronized supply chain.

In addition, if you pick up your own containers at the port of entry, there is a web directing function that will direct your drivers to the most appropriate container in the port using a web connected cell phone - in real time.

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Advanced Metrics Reporting:

Current inventory levels, location(s) of inventory, order status/history, drill-down status, and much more can all be viewed in real-time through a standard web browser with internet connection. We work with each customer to determine the visibility needs of system users and provide a password protected and personalized view into the data available. In addition, clients can create their own reports.

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Remote Client Administration:

This feature gives you the power to manage the web interface remotely and to add new B2B clients, add the client user level, and setup the client rights. Once setup, the client can add items, obsolete items, and give their own clients access to the web portal.

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eBusiness Module Requirements:

The WEB server requirements are based upon Microsoft's requirements for Internet Information Server (IIS) running under Microsoft Windows Servers. Our module operates via the Microsoft IIS server and performs its own security checks for users and passwords, then will allow certain data to be reported upon based upon what you set up to be displayed. You will also need an ISP connection with a firewall ahead of the server based upon your ISP's recommendations.

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Your customers will only need a Web browser and an Internet connection from anywhere in the world to view ASCTrac® eBusiness data. With this eBusiness Supply Chain tool in place, combined with the ASCTrac® WMS Fulfillment system, you can automate your entire operation for a much smoother operation - all at an extremely low price. The Return On Investment (ROI) is very quick, and you will have happier customers.

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules can also be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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