ASCTrac® WMS to Macola ERP Option Module

Connecting Manufacturing and Distribution Operations to ERP Financial Systems

Exact® Macola®

"Our choice to partner with ASC was the best thing that we ever did for our warehouse distribution center operation. By replacing our old system with ASC's ASCTrac® solution, we increased our receiving capacity by 80%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our manufacturing lot and serial number accuracy to 100%, and have complete visibility of our operations."

Larry V. - ASC customer

Best of Breed: The ASCTrac® WMS system (warehouse management system) can complement your Macola ERP accounting system investment with a very powerful and very extensive warehouse management and manufacturing execution solution.

Off-the-Shelf Interface: ASC has developed a certified interface for the Macola Progression and ES products that provides a seamless path between the two systems.

Real Time, 100% Accurate: Therefore, the accounting users can utilize their familiar screens and the warehouse users can work with the same data at the point of activity in the warehouse using their handheld wireless devices. With this ASC interface, all data is entered only once (at the point of order entry) and never needs to be re-keyed. In addition, it is "real time" data available to the entire enterprise with accuracy that can only be achieved with auto ID technology.

Orchestration: Now, your accounting department can work in harmony with your warehouse - less effort, better accuracy.

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"Connecting the Dots In Your Supply Chain" ®


Our solutions have been "connecting the dots" for over twenty-five years in global supply chains for distribution and manufacturing.

When world-class customers demand reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments, they contact us to solve their challenges.

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Warehouse Component:

Since ASCTrac® WMS utilizes automatic identification bar code technology, in addition to wireless bar code hand-held units, all warehouse data is accurate and real time. At the point of activity in the warehouse, instant verification occurs for all inventory transactions (such as receipts, picks, moves, physical counts, cycle counts, repacks, scraps, quality control holds and releases, parcel shipping, trailer shipping, etc.) That means instant reconciliation if a picking error occurs.

Moreover, with all of the management side of the warehouse at stake, (i.e., labor resources, location utilization, rapid picks, zone control, ABC logic, throughput capacities, burden costs, planning, ASN/EDI, etc.), the deployment of ASCTrac® WMS simply makes good management sense.

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Manufacturing Component:

In addition to our warehouse functions, ASCTrac® WMS has a very extensive manufacturing systems environment. It provides modules for manufacturing Work Orders, manufacturing Labor tracking, Shop Floor Inventory tracking (customizable), and various interfaces to PLC's, automatic labeling systems, conveyor systems, pick-to-light systems, carousel systems, voice picking, etc.

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This interface was constructed with the assistance of Macola developers and Macola premium resellers when the Progression series was being developed by Macola in 1997. It has been field proven and has undergone several version releases as Macola provides updates to the Progression series, and now the ES series.

ASC's Macola interface connects the ASCTrac® WMS to the Macola system directly through the attachment to Macola's SQL tables. It is an extensive connection to Macola as the data in Macola exists in many areas. All data is then available to the ASCTrac® WMS system in real time for:

  • Purchase Order receiving (validated expected receipts)
  • Warehouse Inventory functions
  • Customer Order picking
  • and optional Work Orders for manufacturing

The ASCTrac Macola interface eliminates the Macola keyboard entries required for all of the line items to Confirm Ship an order. When you have a fast-moving warehouse, manual entries can become a real bottleneck - and manual keystroke entries can be mis-typed. With ASCTrac automation, the tasks become seamless, faster, and much more accurate.

Financially speaking, 100% accuracy of inventory is especially important so that an accurate inventory accounting value is presented.

The ASCTrac Macola Interface is the most extensive and interactive WMS interface to Macola's Progression and ES Series system that exists today. No one else has the skill set nor have they invested the time and effort it takes to develop this type of automated interface to Macola. ASC has years of experience in interfaces to ERP systems, and we take pride in partnering with Macola to provide this quality automated WMS interface.

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Benefits of Using ASCTrac-to-Macola Interface:

  • Compliments your Macola ERP investment with a true warehouse management system
  • Seamless integration with "data entered only once" concept (OE drives the fulfillment)
  • Increases ability to automate and speed up the invoicing process
  • Increases accuracy (which improves inventory and customer satisfaction)
  • Adheres to Macola's checks-and-balances for invoicing shipments
  • Allows seamless warehouse multi-shipments per same order (may be called "backorders")
  • Allows automated multi-invoices for multi-shipments on the same Macola order number
  • Instantly locks OE orders when selected by warehouse RF user for picking to allow orders to be changed right up until pick time. (To change orders after picking starts, simply unlock, and add changes.) This allows a Macola OE user to be instantly notified if they initiate a change.
  • Utilize wireless real-time devices at the point of activity in the warehouse (to insure immediate inventory movements and validate data on the spot; eliminates batch-mode reconciliations)
  • Employ auto-ID technology for accuracy and faster performance with reduced labor costs
  • If the Macola system goes down for some reason, i.e., backup procedures, the ASCTrac system is still running the warehouse. ASCTrac is designed for full 24/7/365 without any shutdowns. It will pick back up where it left off with Macola synchronization once Macola is back up.
  • Optionally, implement various manufacturing tracking solutions with special interfaces
  • Tested, proven, and uses a rapid deployment methodology
  • ROI - Return On Investment in months, not years

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Our warehouse, manufacturing, and eBusiness modules have been field proven in consumer goods manufacturers, 3PL warehouses, food and beverage (dairy) manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturing and epedigree, electronics manufacturers, route delivery/pickup companies, financial institutions, paper goods manufacturers, automotive manufacturing, healthcare industry, and warehouse of all sizes and distinctions.

For companies that require robust "off-the-shelf" Warehouse Management Solutions that provide dynamic functionality and performance, then ASCTrac is the answer. And, it's very affordable.

Continually enhanced since 1989, ASCTrac was designed from the ground up as a complete Warehouse Management Solution - it's not an inventory patch to an accounting system or just middleware to an ERP. And, it has a proven track record over the past twenty years.

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules (and the tremendous features list) can also be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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