Demand Planning Option in ASCTrac®

Planning Solutions for Complex Manufacturing and Distribution Operations

To provide complete future demand planning for your business supply chain, ASC has a statistical based forecasting module that is seamlessly integrated to your ASCTrac ® WMS and manufacturing solution. The module uses proven exponential smoothing formulas to mathematically project your future inventory requirements for sales.

Additionally, it can use the same forecasting statistical methods to project and to auto-create your Purchase Orders or PO Requisitions (using our planning workbench.)

Our modules are totally integrated with the warehouse and manufacturing modules and other automated interfaces to track all inventory levels throughout your entire supply chain for real time information.

ASC Demand Planning Module:

  • ability to forecast future demand
  • ability to forecast future purchasing
  • supports seasonal and standard period analysis
  • can auto-create Purchase Orders or PO requisitions
  • use to project rental returns and availability
  • can use EDI forecasts from clients
  • ability to add sale's overrides
  • take control of your inventory peaks and valleys

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Take Control of Your Inventory

The primary function of the ASCTrac ® Demand Forecasting Module is to allow you to visually predict your future supply chain inventory requirements (called "demand") for your facility or for your entire enterprise. To create this advanced modeling tool, "ease-of-use" and "proven statistical methods" were the two main requirements that we used. Whether your business is seasonal or otherwise, you can predict your future inventory demand using your sales history. This will allow you to take control of your inventory in a pro-active mode, not work in a re-active mode.

Since ASCTrac ® is combining the views to all of your Purchase Orders and Customer Orders, you (or your planners) will have full ability to do statistical demand planning with all of the critical information at their fingertips in one module. If desired, you can combine this module with our Production Planning (MRP) Module to auto-create Work Orders, auto-create component Purchase Orders, and see lists of required components, etc. This information gives you an even better picture of your supply chain manufacturing processes based upon forecasted demand.

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Automatic Purchase Orders or Purchase Requisitions:

The secondary feature of our Demand Forecasting Module is the ability to ask the system to auto-generate your Purchase Orders (PO) or Purchase Requisitions (PR). During this process, you have the flexibility to adjust the PO or PR by adjusting the quantities or the requested delivery dates to the vendor. This step creates a list of PO's in the ASC Planning Workbench process for you to plan or adjust before releasing to the purchasing system.

If you have an external PO financial system that ASCTrac ® is interfaced to that supports a requisition process, ASCTrac ® can create the PR and submit all of the details to the financial system for its business rules in the PO approval process; else ASCTrac ® will handle the PO as you have it configured to do.

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Supply Chain Visibility:

With the ASCTrac ® Demand Forecasting Module, you will have a clear (and accurate) picture of the products on actual customer orders with the time slots for delivery of those goods plotted with the actual inbound goods (purchased or manufactured.) Next, the forecasted sales-demand (purchased or manufactured), the dates at which these products will be available, the dates that components will be required for production, and the net result of the demand planning horizon. The planner can easily see which items need action to insure 100% delivery on time of goods.

Executing the Planning Workbench functions allow POs to be created, EDI transactions to be generated if required, host ERP connectivity for financials, and many other features.

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  • Fully integrated to the ASCTrac ® WMS system
  • Calculates projected future demand to your time periods
  • Uses exponential smoothing methods to calculate demand per period
  • Calculate projected PO or PO requisition requirements
  • Uses exponential smoothing methods to calculate PO quantities
  • Creates PO or PO requisitions
  • Calculates floating Safety Stock, Reorder Point, EOQ, average lead times, average historical use, and allows sales input for multiple overrides
  • Can be used to feed the ASCTrac Production Planning Module (MRP) module for production
  • Views and reports to allow visual alerts
  • Has multiple ways to view the statistical data
  • Supports Kit and Bill-of-Material items
  • Can be used to manage a rental business for "expected quantity available" in the future
  • Works in conjunction with the financial system
  • Ability to import your history upon a startup
  • EDI connectivity allows system to update inbound advice or accept client-based forecasts
  • Real time visibility to every facet of inventory in one module
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules for ERP

Please review our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules and all of the features can be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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