Automating Business Transactions Using EDI

Fully Integrated Solutions for EDI Automation

Collaborating relevant business information via electronic transactions for trading partners in a global supply chain is not a new idea. It has been used for over a decade. Businesses have been using EDI (electronic data interchange) since its inception to collaborate critical information electronically in a fully automated mode without human intervention.

Challenge: In today's supply chain, vendors, carriers, and distribution trading partners need to collaborate in a timely and accurate fashion in a fully automated mode. This collaboration is used for orchestrating shipments, receipts, inventories (forecasts), purchases, invoices, transportation and manufacturing information, and many other reasons. Before EDI was used, trading partners had to rely on manual methods of communication such as fax machines, phone calls, emails, postal mail, and even handwritten notes. Manual operations cause miscommunications which result in lost revenue and potential lost clients.

Solution: Until now, some trading partners could not afford the cost of setting up and maintaining this method of EDI automation. ASC has solved this problem by putting together a series of cost effective embedded EDI solutions to automate your supply chain with your trading partners.

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Why Use ASC's EDI Automation?

Quite simply, we take the pain out of EDI with EDI modules that are fully embedded and fully automated within the ASCTrac ® WMS or manufacturing system. By using ASC's EDI modules, combined with our extensive experience in supply chain EDI transactions for global companies, you can easily configure, maintain, and automate all of your entire supply chain EDI sets with all of your trading partners (or external accounting systems.) More importantly, our EDI modules are available in several flexible versions for the best value for you, best deployment method for you, and some with hundreds of trading partner supply chain templates already built for you:

  1. Full Supply Chain EDI Transaction Portal - Fully compliant ANSI ASC X12 version of automated Supply Chain EDI embedded transactions that will allow data exchanges with all of your trading partners or SAP/Oracle/ERP systems. There are more than seventeen (17) main EDI transaction sets included and hundreds of pre-built customer and trading partner templates and labels that are available to choose from for complete supply chain operations. (940, 943, 856, 850/860, 861, 945, 944, 856 In/Out, 855, 810, 947, 846, 852, 997, 888, 214). (Requires an EDI communications server.)

  2. Basic ASN 856 Inbound/Outbound Portal - Similar to #1 above, but this option is only for ASN (Advance Shipping Notice, 856) transactions. The ASC EDI 856 Inbound/Outbound Module is an optional realtime portal for ASN connectivity to quickly allow publishing secure trading partner information with any external EDI system. This portal is very configurable and fully can be deployed as an SQL or XML strategy. Great for small companies or 3PL's where the only need is for 856 ASN inbound and outbound.(May require an EDI communications server depending upon deployment method.)

  3. EDI Communications Server - You may already have an EDI communications server partner or we can recommend one for you. Some examples are: BSI, Edict, Data Masons, Red Tail, SPS Commerce, True Commerce, Sterling, etc.

Important Note: These modules are not just data exchange - they are fully integrated, engineered workflow processes that are designed to be highly configurable for every one of your trading partners. Completely seamless by design, the work force just picks as directed and they do not have to remember any "routing guide" policies for different trading partners, it is directed workflow. These modules include ASC's 3PL "customer rules" to allow for seamless fee processing.

Deployment: These modules can also be deployed in multiple ways: enterprise based, or single site based, or even cloud based, or mixed combinations to meet your needs.

New Drug Track and Trace: We have added new transaction sets to support the US federal law for "Drug Quality and Security Act" ("DQSA", effective 1-1-2015). This is for drug distributors, 3PL's, and manufacturers in the drug supply chain. Specifically, this module supports ePedigree or track and trace rules. This requires a very specific type of EDI for your trading partners, please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for our full EDI Technical Whitepaper for more information.

"Connecting the Dots In Your Supply Chain" ®


Our solutions have been "connecting the dots" for over twenty-five (25) years in global supply chains for distribution and manufacturing.

When world-class customers demand reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments, they contact us to solve their challenges.

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How Does ASC's Embedded EDI Work?

As the warehouse operator picks, moves or receives pallets during their regular course of business, the ASC system is constantly sensing whether or not any of that information is needed for any EDI trading partner. If so, it takes that information and will publish it to the ASC EDI Portal based upon an ASN event occurring. The operator is unaware that the system is intelligently gathering the pertinent EDI data in the background - the operator does not incur any additional entries for ASN processes - it is all fully automated for them.

Please contact us for our full EDI Technical Whitepaper for more information.

ASC's EDI Solutions:

ASC's EDI Solutions

Benefits of Using an ASC Embedded EDI Portal:

  • Fully automated and integrated within the ASCTrac ® Suite of solutions (WMS, Manufacturing, B2B, 3PL)
  • Automated transactions for accurate and realtime shipment information
  • Start using EDI immediately, hundreds of trading partner templates available
  • Meet your trading partners' compliance requirements for EDI
  • Eliminate the manual processes of data entry into web forms or other paper processes
  • Eliminate double data entry processes by streamlining all supply chain transactions
  • ASC has years of experience in EDI to assist you
  • Flexible deployment types to best suit your needs
  • Fully integrated UCC/GS1-128 compliance labels (design, generate, and read functions)
  • Fully audited transactions
  • Cost effective, with an excellent ROI

Please contact us for our full EDI Technical Whitepaper for more information.

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