ASCTrac® WMS Voice Picking Module

Pick and Handle Goods More Efficiently

Sometimes, a picking operator simply does not have enough time to put-down and then pick-up a hand scanner each time they need to pick an item.

An example might be in case-goods picking where it is difficult to pick up a case with both hands, and then at the same time, try to scan the case or pallet/location label. This is very difficult and time consuming if you have many cases per pallet to pick. And, over long periods of time, your total labor costs and efficiency become problems.

ASC's Voice Solution:

Therefore, voice picking has certain benefits when used where full "hands-on" picking is required. ASC has created a complete integrated process for voice picking inside ASCTrac® WMS.

This fully integrated voice system solves many issues with external voice picking systems:

  • no requirements for any special servers,
  • no interfaces to stand-alone voice systems,
  • no expensive dedicated voice servers,
  • no middleware,
  • no external professional services from multiple companies to implement,
  • no internal IT requirements to support separate systems,
  • And, it runs on the same ASC wireless patented engine as all of our other enterprise mobile devices - which guarantees no "lost" transactions.

Our integrated module means a lower cost and easier to implement. Using our integrated module creates a better pick process in real time, it is robust, easy to support, and provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any voice product in the industry. The ASCTrac® WMS Voice Picking Module simply makes good management sense when you need voice picking.

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ASC's Voice Picking - Features and Benefits:

  • Completely Integrated in the WMS (requires voice module & voice capable device)
  • Excellent for "hands free" picking, or for visually impaired workers
  • Real time voice picking system as the operator performs the picks (not a "Batch" system)
  • No expensive dedicated voice servers to buy or to support
  • Eliminates multiple interfaces and the headaches of support with cumbersome data flows
  • Allows use of scanning or voice on the same mobile device (unit not dedicated to one function)
  • Lowest total cost of ownership in the industry
  • Best ROI of any voice system
  • Helps achieve 100% inventory accuracy and efficiency

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COMPARE Voice systems:

ASC's Voice Picking System Architecture (real time data):

ASC's Voice Picking Architecture

Other Systems' Voice Picking Architecture (batch driven):

Other Voice System's Architechture

Problems with Other Systems' Voice Picking (all batch driven):

  • Other system may require three dedicated servers(with extra support)
  • Other system requires maintenance on pick rules in two systems
  • Other system requires two company's interfaces (or middleware)
  • Other system involves considerable implementation costs
  • Other system has multiple points of failure (with data flow)
  • Other system is "batch" driven (1-2 hours on turnaround time)
  • Other system is not real time (required in food/pharma)
  • Other system cannot handle exceptions at the point of activity
  • Other system cannot scale from standard class to enterprise class in same wireless infrastructure

ASC solves these problems of the complicated multi-vendor picking systems by fully integrating our Voice Picking System inside ASCTrac ® WMS products. This eliminates the need for any special voice system servers, no interfaces, no middleware, and a much better ROI for your business.

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