ASCTrac® WMS Receiving Module

ASCTrac® Receiving Module

"We increased receiving productivity by 25%, increased inventory accuracy to 99.9%, and provided better resource planning for our managers. We also increased our ability to handle inbound containers for better inventory planning."

Bob C. - ASCTrac® customer

Receive Goods More Accurately and Efficiently

As a warehouse manager, you know inventory accuracy begins at the receiving dock with efficient, optimized, and validated receiving operations. Receiving purchase order items, Advance Ship Notices (ASN's), warehouse transfer orders, manufacturing orders, release numbers, are all critical steps in your supply chain.

Information about all items received at your dock should be validated and updated in real time so that data is instantly available to all other areas of your business, Additionally, all workflow tasks must be immediately optimized.

The ASCTrac ® WMS receiving and putaway module solves these challenges and sets the stage for your warehouse efficiency and accuracy at the point of receiving. ASCTrac ® utilizes auto-identification processes, real-time wireless mobile devices, and provides directed workflow with built-in user-configurable warehouse optimization processes.

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Full Receiving Solution:

The ASCTrac ® WMS base package includes the ability to manage all aspects of receiving. This includes regular PO receiving, customer returns, ASN's, transfers, oversea's containers, 3PL specific methods, service and repair returns, technician returns, and more.

As items are received into your warehouse, all information is validated and updated at the point of activity. Using the flexible user configurations, system-directed putaway logic in ASCTrac ® WMS directs operators to the best putaway locations for each item received. Operators are prompted to take items to the nearest bulk stock or replenishment location(s), cross-dock items to production, staging or shipping areas, place items in QC hold areas (based upon extensive QC logic), or put down items in any other supervisor-defined zones.

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Flexibility in Receiving Functions:

The ASCTrac ® WMS Receiving/Putaway Module supports:

  • configurable locations,
  • zone attributes,
  • hazardous and MSDS rules,
  • refrigerated versus frozen item rules,
  • fast moving items (ABC),
  • workflow priority levels,
  • material handling requirements,
  • item/location dimensions and capacities,
  • consolidates "like" items whenever possible.
  • and other logic such as dynamic forward pick rules, etc.
  • handling of containers of goods (imports, transfers, etc.)

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Inbound Receiving Features:

  • Receive Purchase Orders (from any host system, manually entered, or from optional ASCTrac ® Purchase Order Module)
  • Receive ASN's, inter-plant transfers, containers, utilize "PO releases", blind receipts, customer returns, handle returns to vendors, etc.
  • Once items are received, identified, counted, inspected, and labeled, ASCTrac ® WMS directs operators to proper putaway locations using your configurable rules for ABC, cross-docking, replenishment, allocated goods, etc.
  • Monitors and reports variances as a result of differences in actual vs. expected quantities
  • Utilizes advanced pallet tracking, advanced lot and serial number tracking, date code and expiration tracking, and returns processing
  • Processes for handling exceptions such as: damaged goods, shortages, and back order receipts
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) processes
  • Receipts directly from your production line, or issue items directly from production to staging or shipping areas
  • All receiving transactions are real-time and are 100% validated, history of performance
  • Tracks operator and supplier performance statistics
  • Supports multiple sites, multi-site enterprise PO receipt processes, and other user-configurable functions

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Benefits of the ASCTrac ® Receiving Module:

  • Helps achieve near 100% efficiency with directed functions
  • Helps achieve near 100% inventory accuracy at all levels
  • With your new found automation, you will have happier customers!

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules can also be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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