ASCTrac® WMS Order Planning and Shipping

ASCTrac® Planning and Shipping Module

"We saved as much as 35% on our labor costs by using the fully integrated picking and shipping solution from ASC. We also increased the accuracy of all of our picked orders to 99.9%."

Tony H. - ASCTrac® Parcel Shipping Customer

Plan & Ship More Orders - Efficiently & More Accurately

Managing large volumes of outbound customer orders can be difficult, complex, and even intimidating to some warehouse and distribution managers.

The ASCTrac® Order Planning and Shipping processes automate many of these complex processes using built-in and configurable planning logic based upon your business rules.

You define the logic - from the simplest of planning parameters (single order, waves, batches, pick-and pass, consolidated orders, load plan optimization), to more sophisticated functions like picking to mixed item containers, containerized freight shipments, rules for EDI/ASN clients, event management, complex labeling for your trading partners, complex rules by client, 3PL client rules, and many more.


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Full Outbound Planning and Shipping Module:

The ASCTrac® WMS base package includes the ability to manage the outbound order planning and shipping functions that you need for your manufacturing or distribution business. ASCTrac® WMS has the proven power to manage your complete supply chain order management with over twenty years of adding features to the base product. It includes built-in tools such as the following:

  • order planning for real time inventory (available to promise)
  • load planning (also, advanced Logistics module option)
  • consolidation of orders
  • scheduling resources needed to pick and ship
  • real time order pick validation and visibility
  • staging the orders
  • loading the trailers
  • carrier management
  • trailer and dock door management
  • validation of outbound orders (by client rules)
  • preparing the shipment for specific client needs or priority handling
  • Bill of Lading for shipment or order level multi-version capable)
  • host ERP interfaces to confirm shipments
  • event management for automatic notifications

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Planning and Shipping Features:

  • Sales orders, work orders, or other picking requests can be downloaded from any host computer system to ASCTrac® WMS, or entered directly into ASCTrac using built in order entry capabilities.
  • All picking functions are wirelessly directed and you can configure order picking to support priority level picking, skid/pallet picking, case/item picking, order/pick waves, replenishment picking, lot/serial number picking, emergency order picking, etc.
  • Pre-staged, or direct-to-truck loading supported.
  • Warehouse supervisors can schedule orders, order pickers, and dock doors using ASCTrac's built in scheduling features.
  • ASCTrac® WMS supports picking of raw materials to fill production orders (based on a bill of materials) as well as issuing raw materials to staging areas, manufacturing work cells, or production lines.
  • Finished goods putaway (by item number, lot number, zone, skid/pallet ID, etc.) and direct returns of all unused production materials are also supported. So is soft and hard allocation.
  • Confirm pick/ship capabilities make certain that the correct order is scheduled, picked, loaded (in sequence if required), and shipped correctly.
  • ASCTrac® Order Picking Module allows "locking down" and unlocking of orders once picking starts, as well as the opening, loading, unloading, closing, reopening, and shipping of trailers.
  • Multiple trailers can be shipped per order, and host updates can be per your requirements.
  • Bill of lading reports, shipping labels, and standard shipping reports can be generated/printed.
  • ASN compliance labels (any size or format) can be designed by you, generated, and printed - even from the wireless computer.
  • Optional Parcel Shipping Module is available. Packing verification module is also available.
  • ASCTrac® WMS supports multiple sites, and other user-configurable functions

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Benefits of the ASCTrac ® Planning and Shipping Module:

  • Helps achieve near 100% efficiency with directed functions
  • Helps achieve near 100% inventory accuracy at all levels
  • With your new found automation, you will have happier customers!

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules can also be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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