ASCTrac® WMS Option Modules

Integrated Warehouse Solutions for Distribution Operations

Connect the DOTS "Connecting the dots in your supply chain" ®

ASC: "connecting the dots in your supply chain"® with more than twenty optional modules for your enterprise solutions. We feel that you should not be charged for modules that you will never need, so we have offered our software in modules.

Therefore, you buy only the modules that you need - that saves you money on your WMS software investment. With this approach, you also have modularity that can be very beneficial at update time - it is easier to update with modules than one large singular core of software.

The ASCTrac® WMS modular design allows it to support any size of organization (small, medium, or enterprise.) It is a complete supply chain software solution that can also be interfaced to any financial system for a completely integrated ERP solution.

From order entry, through pick, pack, and ship operations, all the way to delivery - ASCTrac® WMS covers the entire distribution and manufacturing cycle.

In addition, our solution has more than twenty two years of features and field-proven results.

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ASCTrac® WMS Optional Modules:

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We also provide more modules in the basic core module than what you might expect. For example, we include Load Planning and basic RFID functions in the base module.

Features of ASCTrac ® Optional Modules:

  • ASCTrac® option modules supports multiple sites (Enterprise capable), and other user-configurable functions
  • The ASCTrac® option modules allows you to add only what you need
  • Security and access rules flow automatically from the main module to the option modules
  • Purchase an Enterprise Option Module, you are licensed for unlimited sites for that module

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules can also be obtained by contacting ASC or one of our Solution Partners.

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