ASCTrac® WMS Inventory Module

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"By replacing our old WMS system with ASC's ASCTrac® WMS, we increased our receiving capacity by 80%, and increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%."

Larry V. - ASC customer

Inventory - Accurate and Trusted!

As an inventory manager, you know inventory accuracy is mission-critical for your supply chain operations.

ASCTrac ® WMS provides new insights into the management of inventory, personnel, space, and equipment allowing warehouse managers to improve accuracy and operational workflow within their warehouse, distribution center, or factory floor.

Trusted data is the key to success. Supervisor-configurable processes within the ASCTrac ® Inventory Management Module gives warehouse managers the ability to properly set up ASCTrac ® to meet the specific needs of the warehouse(s) they manage. Cycle counting, replenishment, moves, transfers, location management, physical counting and space optimization are a few of the warehouse management functions that are better managed and trusted when using ASCTrac ® WMS.

In addition, it has more than twenty-two years of features and field-proven results.

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Full Inventory Functions:

The ASCTrac ® WMS base package includes the ability to manage all aspects of inventory control with complete item, location, and zone management. The attributes assigned to the items, locations, and zones within a warehouse define how ASCTrac ® will optimize, interweave, and direct warehouse workflow. Items can be placed into categories, assigned to supervisor-definable zones, tracked by skid, case, or some other chosen unit of measure, dimensionalized for space optimization, etc. Unique bar coded labels (license plates) are generated for cases/skids and include product identification and description information, date/expiration codes, lot/serial numbers, etc. This ensures timely, accurate inventory rotation/turnover and lot traceability, and reduces product waste due to code date expiration.

Warehouse locations are also supervisor-configurable, allowing for special material handling equipment needs, zone identification, ABC categorization, and setting up dimension characteristics for space optimization. Configuring each of the item, location, and zone characteristics ensures accurate traceability, operator productivity (i.e. preventing a fork lift operator from picking small items instead of skids/pallets), as well as optimizing pick paths and other warehouse activities all of which affect warehouse productivity and efficiency... and a warehouse manager's bottom line.

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Physical/Cycle Counts:

Using the ASCTrac ® Inventory Management Module, both physical and cycle counts are system directed and performed using RF scanning terminals. One of the many robust features of the ASCTrac ® Inventory Management Module is our "Floating Physical," or no-shutdown physical count. This feature allows all other warehouse operations to continue while a location physical (or full physical count) is taking place. Cycle counts are initiated in various ways, including scheduled cycle counts, counts generated as a result of discrepancies during picking or putaway activities, or user generated cycle counts, or task interleaved.

Using ASCTrac's ® cycle count capabilities effectively, warehouse managers can eliminate the need for multiple physical counts per year, and in some cases, eliminate the need for physical counts all together. In addition, using the wireless system interface (portable or fork lift mounted RF scanning terminals) virtually eliminates any paperwork associated with physical counts, cycle counts, and many of the other day-to-day warehouse tasks performed. Plus, you are in real-time contact with the database, so any discrepancies found can be immediately reconciled with your host system. Standard reports, including item/location discrepancy reports, can be easily selected and printed (or you can create your own report using ASCTrac's ® built-in report generator and graphical statistics module).

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ASCTrac ® Inventory Features:

  • ASCTrac ® supports multiple warehouses (Enterprise capable), zones, QC hold areas, fixed/random locations (aisle, bay, level, and bin), and other user-configurable staging areas.
  • Inventory can be tracked via multiple SKU/UPC numbers and descriptions, expiration date, manufacturing date, receipt date, lot and serial number, skid/pallet ID/container ID, etc.
  • The ASCTrac ® Inventory Management Module allows you to create bar coded labels (via PC or wireless scanners) for items received at your dock, cases/skids received into your warehouse from production, location labels, shipping labels, etc.
  • Wireless directed cycle counting and "No Shutdown" physical counting supported (an ASC first!).
  • Location/item dimensioning, dock scheduling, FIFO/LIFO, and ABC-type logic are all supported.

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Benefits of the ASCTrac ® Inventory Module:

  • Helps achieve near 100% efficiency with directed functions
  • Helps achieve near 100% inventory accuracy at all levels
  • With your new found automation, you will have happier customers!

See our other module pages for additional functionality and details. Information on other available modules can also be obtained by contacting ASC.

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