ASCTrac® Shipping Management System

ASCTrAX® testimonial ASC solutions

"Our choice to partner with ASC was the best thing that we ever did for our warehouse distribution center operation. Our labor productivity was dramatically improved and our inventory accuracy was near 100%. These two reasons alone paid for the system in only a few months. But, a real gain was our ability to provide a much better and improved service for our customers."

- Ed C., Distribution Manager, Kimberly Clark Medical Products

Integrated Shipping Management Modules

Your Challenge: When you require parcel shipping for your shipping operations, trying to integrate and automate all of your information with your carriers is a real challenge. If you have large volumes of shipments daily, this can be even more challenging.

ASC understands that maintaining control of transportation and shipping costs, tracking, equipment, manpower, and other resources within your distribution operation is essential to the survival of your business.

The Solution: To solve those challenges, ASC has created a complete shipping process for warehouse shipping operations. There are multiple modules and these were designed to solve the demanding challenges of shipping planning, rate shopping, advanced shipping needs, and load planning operations. They will support multi-carrier shipping with the ability to manifest packages and shipments faster and more accurately. The process also supports multiple manifesting stations - as well as multiple conveyor lines feeding into those stations. In addition, large volumes of packages and shipments can easily be accomplished with the ASC automated solutions.


Advanced Validation: These processes can also incorporate our Pack out Module for increased validation, container control, pharma-grade verification, ASN labeling, or special handling operations.

Advanced Shipping: In addition, ASCTrac® supports enterprise level deployments where you may have multi-sites with multi-station shipping lanes. It has won many industry awards for innovations and it is a leading "best-of-breed" solution.

Complete Shipping Solution: The ASCTrac® modular design allows it to support any size of organization (small, medium, or enterprise.) It is a complete solution that handles freight rating with multi-carrier rate shopping, LTL versus parcel shipment decisions, automated up-down service levels at manifest point, load scheduling, bills of lading, custom load documents by client, and provides "connected" load plans from the ASC Logistics Module.

Competitive Advantage: Our customers utilize ASCTrac® for their mission critical shipping operations for 100% perfect order shipments. With more than twenty-five (25) years of innovations and field-proven results, ASCTrac® is their competitive advantage.

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Top 100 Logistics IT Provider
"Innovations from ASC were awarded the 'Microsoft® Pinnacle Award for Innovation' and those innovations are the key to our daily business operations. By using ASC's advanced workflow solutions, we save time, insure accuracy, and keep our customers happy. Additionally, we are able to ship customer orders almost as fast they are entered."

Ken W. - ASCTrac® user - Read More

Benefits of ASCTrac ® Shipping Management Modules:

  • Over 25 years of innovations and advanced features, literally thousands
  • Fully synchronized to the WMS, MES, and WCS systems
  • Complete enterprise world class solution - scalable for any size business
  • World class Parcel Shipping solutions
  • Award winning best-of-breed system designed with best-practice processes
  • Used by third party logistics groups and co-packers
  • Flexible and user-configurable
  • Collaborates with other systems
  • Integrated to all other modules for rules based shipping
  • True work-flow execution, not data collection
  • Helps achieve 100% efficiency with directed functions
  • Helps achieve 100% inventory accuracy
  • Helps achieve 100% perfect order shipments makes happier customers!

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Complete ASC Shipping Solution:

Especially in a collaborative environment, instant shipping information is critical. That's why we developed (and continually enhance) advanced, logical shipping solutions that provide you with the ability to "connect the dots in your supply chain®".

And, Connect Your TMS:

ASC has developed many interfaces for off-the-shelf TMS interfaces to seamlessly connect to your existing TMS solution to the ASCTrac ® system. Contact us for the list of fully integrated TMS solutions.

Award Winning Leading Edge Solution:

ASCTrac® WMS utilizes proven, state-of-the-art technologies including the Microsoft® Windows® platform with Microsoft® SQL database engine, internet technology, wireless real time communications, bar code laser scanning, RFID automation, and much, much, more. ASCTrac® WMS has won several awards (Top 100 Global SC companies, best in class and best in service, Microsoft® Pinnacle selection, wireless infrastructure award, etc.)

Comprehensive Results:

ASCTrac® WMS offers you all of the accuracy, flexibility, and power that transportation management demands, giving you total control of your load planning and scheduling.

ASCTrac® Shipping Management Features:

MC9000 scanning boxes
  • Ship large volumes of packages with complete automation of all shipping processes
  • Supports multiple manifesting stations - as well as multiple conveyor lines feeding into those stations
  • Ability to ship multi-carriers with one single fully integrated solution
  • Seamless integration with the WMS and ERP system (addresses, item weights, client account numbers, parcel tracking numbers, delivery confirmation, etc.)
  • Electronic carrier interfaces for easy exchange of information
  • Ability to cut shipping costs with rate-shop comparisons
  • Improve accuracy by reducing manual data entry and user selection of carrier/service errors
  • Built-in error catching routines reduce errors by catching carrier restrictions, etc.
  • Maintain carrier compliance with easy application of carrier rate changes
  • Maintain carrier compliance with carrier approved labels
  • Reduce accessorial charges and vendor charge-backs with address validation and vendor-compliant labels
  • Ability to quickly process mass mailing for large bulk orders as it is completely integrated to the WMS system (and the ERP system)
  • Ability to process 3PL billing based upon your business logic for carrier rates
  • Ability to quickly process required international documents
  • Easy access to a full range of shipping information for customer service representatives
  • Delivery confirmation link to validates the carriers' deliveries to see that packages were delivered as scheduled (requires carrier system access)
  • Ability to easily scale from standard to enterprise class, or to global class (multiple points of origin)
  • TMS Interfaces: used for parcel and freight operations, used in conjunction with your internal processes to rate, manifest, and auto-dispatch LTL/FTL freight carriers...

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ASCTrac® Parcel Shipping Modules:

  • Standard Version: the standard site package will support multi-carrier multi-station with features listed above
  • Enterprise Version: supports multiple sites with a single server. It is usually deployed for 5 sites and above
  • Extreme Duty Version: for the toughest parcel shipping environments, process tens of thousands of parcels per hour, full conveyor and WCS integration, multi-station, multi-site
  • Optional Pack out Module: used for secondary validation, specific box weight checks, package control, specific labeling requirements, and more...
  • UPS® Only Module: used in conjunction with UPS Worldship® for UPS shipments only (requires software from UPS.) If you only ship via UPS, then this solution is fully integrated to our ASCTrac® system. (Note: designed for very fast operations, supports all of UPS features..)
  • FedEx® Only Module: used in conjunction with FedEx® shipping system for FedEx shipments only (requires software from FedEx.) If you only ship via FedEx, then this solution is fully integrated to our ASCTrac® system. (Note: designed for very fast operations, supports all of Fed Ex features.)
  • USPS® Only Module: used in conjunction with USPS® system for USPS shipments only (requires software from USPS.) If you only ship via USPS, then this solution is fully integrated to our ASCTrac® system. (Note: designed for very fast operations, available July 2013 with USPS newest feature release, supports all of USPS features..)
  • Use Any Parcel Shipping Engine: used in conjunction with most any parcel system as this is an integration platform (requires software from your parcel supplier or carrier.) If you only ship via one carrier or already have a shipping solution, then this solution may be fully integrated to our ASCTrac® system. (Contact us for this list of integrations as we have many company's products already supported.)

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Proven Results:

Our customers have proven ASCTrac® WMS to be a very valuable tool within their day-to-day operations - cutting shipping costs and eliminating many inefficiencies and redundant efforts. We are seeing time after time that our customers are lowering their operating costs, reducing inventory levels, and improving material management while increasing customer service, inventory accuracy, and employee productivity.

With a continual increase in global competition, product and transportation costs on the rise, and customer service never more important ... ASCTrac® WMS simply makes good management sense!

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ASCTrac® Features:

  • ASCTrac® WMS has one of the best rated feature sets in the industry (see industry reviews)
  • ASCTrac® WMS is one of the most flexible in the industry due to its configuration ability
  • Real time wireless WMS integration
  • Proven technology - evolving over 25 years running in the field with satisfied clients
  • ASCTrac® Standard, and ASCTrac® Enterprise versions (all via MS-SQL)
  • Scalable, configurable, affordable, and designed for any industry
  • ASN Inbound and Outbound
  • Audit trail for all transactions - used for history reporting
  • Lot traceability - complete finished goods and components traceability so you can meet ISO9000 standards or FDA regulations
  • User-configurable, rules-based methodology; users have ability to change their screens, field names, prompts, custom colors, custom fields, and much more (voted one of our best features by our customers)
  • Contact us for information on the many features...

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