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ASCTrac® usage

"We have used ASCTrac® WMS for several years in many of our storerooms and it has proven to be a valuable investment. Before ASCTrac, we were working with mainframe legacy systems for many years and had no automated data collection, just keyboard entry. When we installed ASCTrac® WMS and the legacy system interface, it gave us wireless real time data collection, additional functionality, and increased accuracy. The result was high user acceptance and improved customer satisfaction. Teaming with ASC allowed us to achieve our goals on schedule, under budget, and with very positive results. The best part is the value that was achieved by working with ASC as a partner."

Mike G., Consumers Energy (a utility company)

As a leader in innovation, we can fully understand utility industry challenges and we can proudly say that “we have been there, done that.”

The utility industry has many diverse requirements when it comes to their distribution needs. For example, there are many parts that are located in bins, parts that are on pallets, and parts that will only fit in an outside yard (telephone poles, reels of cable, pipe, large transformers, etc.) Tracking these types of items can be very challenging for a utility company.

The warehouse tracking solution therefore has to be versatile enough to support a large range of products. It also has to perform under some adverse environmental conditions. Not only are products being tracked outdoors in all kinds of weather, but the centrally based utility may need to get critical supplies to outlying areas (or remote branches/centers) that may have sustained heavy weather damage such as tornados, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes. This will require a distribution solution that can maintain not only an accurate inventory (multi-facility capable) but also be capable of providing uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in case of an emergency. In addition, utility companies often require that "critical items" cannot go below certain minimum levels as it could involve safety issues and risks.

In the utility industry, certain accounting functions must be transparent to the warehouse staff - these functions involve GL account transactions or default account postings when a part is "issued." The warehouse solution should handle this without impacting the daily user operations. Reporting for end-of-period and audits are therefore maintained for accounting transactions and posting to the ERP system is done without intervention from the users. This increases the speed at which users can move through their daily transactions and reduces the cost of labor, plus increases accuracy for accounting.

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Features and Benefits:

Many different modules and features are available as a result of our depth of experience in the utilities industry:

  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management (very extensive)
  • ASCTrac® Manufacturing (very extensive)
  • Remote Center management (mobile device controls)
  • Web portal
  • Utility style reporting and accounting
  • Labor Management
  • Statistics and labor Performance
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Shop Floor for Work In Process Tracking
  • Complete tracking and costing for the ERP solution
  • EDI connectivity for ASN's, RFID, etc.
  • Real time visibility for the accounting system
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules for ERP
  • and many more (view more option modules)

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