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"We saved as much as 35% on our labor costs by using the fully integrated shipping solution from ASC. We also increased the accuracy of all of our customer orders to over 99.9% which makes our customers happy."

Tony H. - ASCTrac® Customer
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Our route delivery product "connects the dots to your supply chain"® even more than before and automatically. This means that your route delivery operations can be fully and seamlessly connected to the order entry, warehouse and distribution, manufacturing, and financial operations.

Another industry term for our route solution is "direct store delivery" or DSD. Our route solution functions for DSD as well as delivery to recipients. This provides customer pre-ordering, customer order fulfillment, and orders created directly from the vehicle inventory. Where we differ is that we also support proof-of-delivery (POD) for organizations that need only that, say oxygen bottle deliveries.

From all inbound receiving, to all outbound shipping, and all the way to the actual proof of delivery, and pathways to the financial system, all points can be tracked and accounted for. With our solutions, you will gain unmatched lot traceability with accountability throughout your entire enterprise.

ASC is well known for its food and pharmaceutical track-and-trace capability, and with our ASCTrac® WMS and ASCRoute® family of products, we provide users with this complete end-to-end traceability. We have combined the multiple sides of the supply chain to create a winning solution for you that is very easy to use, and affordable.

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ASCTrac® WMS - to - Route Features and Benefits:

  • Master data in one system - the data in the WMS system will populate the route system for item master records, pricing, customers, etc. to save you time and effort (wireless for ease of connections). (Our solutions were designed to be seamless this way from the ground up, not acquisitions.)
  • Route and Logistics planning - use to plan loads (pre-sales loads, post-sales loads, mixed loads), reverse loading, optimize cubic and weight
  • Financial system connectivity - end to end (order entry, web eCommerce, invoices as well)
  • Seamless connectivity between the financial system, order entry, web systems, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, all the way through the route delivery to the end user, and back to the financial for invoicing
  • Handles track and trace and returns of goods (even catch weighted items, or specific lots)
  • Designed for the food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Extensive LOT Tracking controls

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Proven Route Technology:

ASC products are the result of many years of software development and have been field-proven to be reliable, cost effective supply chain solutions. The product family is an evolutionary design based on our combined vast experience in real-time warehousing systems, manufacturing, and route delivery solutions.

This enables us to provide complete solutions that start tracking goods at the receiving dock and encompass the entire supply chain - all the way through, and including, the point of delivery. If you require FDA grade lot tracking, or pharmaceutical grade traceability, this combination solution is recognized in the industry as the best-of-breed solution.

The solutions are designed for Tier 1 Enterprise class customers, but will work for any size client. Easily expandable, easily used, and the best-in-class support allow you to leap ahead of your competition with this winning combination.

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ASCRoute® Suite of Products

Effective December 2007, some of the older ASCRoute® family of products were sun downed. These old versions of ASCRoute® were removed from support in 2010 as they were replaced by the newer versions. See the list below for more details:

The ASCRoute® family of products includes all of the products listed below:

ASCRoute® PC:
PC based Data Central for Route Planning, Reporting, & Logistics (sun downed 2007, replaced with Logistics version)
ASCRoute® CE:
Mobile Route Accounting Software for the Windows® CE operating system (sun downed 2007, replaced with ASCRoute® Mobile version)
Workabout Route®:
Mobile Route Accounting for the Psion WorkAbout Handheld Computer (sun downed July, 2005)
Communications Suite:
Automated File Transfers, Real-Time Wireless Transactions, GPS Tracking (sun downed July, 2005, replaced with new services.)

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