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"By replacing our old system with ASC's ASCTrac® solution, we increased our receiving capacity by 80%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our manufacturing serial number accuracy to 100%, and have complete visibility of our operations. Thank you ASC!"

Larry V. - ASC customer

Challenge: In today’s ever changing business environment, manufacturing requirements have become more complex and more competitive. Solving these complex challenges in manufacturing today requires more features, more automation, and more adaptability.

Complete Solutions: As a leader in manufacturing solutions for more than twenty-five years, we can fully understand your manufacturing challenges and we can proudly say that “we have solved that.” We provide complete and fully integrated manufacturing execution solutions: Work Orders, Shop Floor work cells, MRP, pharma-grade Quality Control, and Demand Planning, and auto-create PO/WO's.

Discrete and Process Manufacturing: We have been solving these complex manufacturing requirements by using innovative solutions. We provide process-based and technology-based solutions for both discrete and process manufacturing operations.

We can help you move to full orchestration of excellence in manufacturing.

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Experience with Proven Manufacturing Solutions:

For more than twenty-five years now, ASC has been instrumental in partnering with manufacturers and distributors to build, test, pack, label, and ship products throughout their enterprise and trading partner network. Some of the largest companies in the world trust ASC software for the complicated manufacturing and distribution tasks involved:

  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest food manufacturing company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest dairy products manufacturing company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest 3PL co-manufactuer in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest wheat manufacturing mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest manufacturing corn mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest cereal manufacturer in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by some of the largest pharmaceutical and sourcing services

ASC distribution and manufacturing solutions has been field proven in many industries for automotive, medical products, consumer goods, electronics, food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, textiles, utility industry products, furniture, catalog fulfillment, and many others. It also has been used by third party logistics groups (3PLs) in all of these industries.

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"Connecting the Dots In Your Supply Chain" ®


Our solutions have been "connecting the dots" for over twenty-five years in global supply chains for distribution and manufacturing.

When world-class customers require reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments, they contact us to solve their toughest challenges.

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Features and Benefits:

Many different modules and features are available as a result of our depth of experience in distribution and manufacturing:

  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management (designed for the most demanding operations)
  • ASCTrac® Manufacturing (very extensive, pharmaceutical grade)
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Shop Floor Inventory Tracking (advanced lot and serial number tracking)
  • Shop Floor Labor Tracking (for total costing)
  • Manufacturing Work Order Costing (with component costing, landed costing, etc.)
  • Flexible Solutions to fit your needs
  • Quality Control and FDA grade controls
  • Full Lot Tracking, Date Code controls (both for components and produced goods)
  • Automated Print and Apply Controls (including RFID tags)
  • Conveyor functions with automated fixed scanning (supports WCS systems)
  • Scale modules for weight and Catch Weight items
  • Encrypted Lot tracking with extensive QC controls (with narcotics handling)
  • Lot and Expiration Date Configurable Rules (pharmaceutical grade, supports all FDA mandates)
  • GS1 Bar Code Automation for lot, expiration date, etc.
  • Process Manufacturing with Lean Accounting Methods
  • discrete Manufacturing
  • PLC, Scale, and Metering systems connectivity
  • Silo and Fluid Product lot tracking logic
  • Fluid Product Tank and Container Logic (re-useable containers)
  • Remote Manufacturing Module (food-pharma specific)
  • Containerized Freight Tracking (for overseas containers - both import and export)
  • 3rd Party Logistics Manufacturing (food-pharma grade)
  • Complete tracking and costing for the ERP solution
  • EDI connectivity for ASN's, RFID, etc.
  • Parcel Shipping Modules
  • Real Time web-based eBusiness Module (B2B, B2C, and 3PL)
  • Real time visibility for the accounting system
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules
  • Seamless ERP connectivity for your financial package in real time mode
  • and many more (view more option modules)

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