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"By replacing our old system with ASC's ASCTrac® solution, we increased our receiving capacity by 25%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our lot tracking accuracy to 100%, and have complete visibility of our shipments for FDA reporting. "

Oscar J. - ASC customer

Experience: For more than twenty-five years now, ASC has been partnering with food manufacturers and distributors to produce, track, and ship products throughout their enterprise and trading partner network.

Some of the largest companies in the world trust ASC for these complicated distribution tasks.

  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest food company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest dairy products company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest 3PL food co-manufactuer in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest wheat manufacturing mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest manufacturing corn mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest cereal manufacturer in the world

You can put our experience to work for you too! Many others depend upon ASC solutions to empower their food and beverage supply chain. Read More

Proven Solutions: ASC solutions have been proven in the field when customers demand reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments. Our solutions have been used in the food and beverage industry for items such as: milk, Coca-Cola®, fresh produce, beer, dry foods, food components and ingredients, dairy products such as cheese and ice cream, meats, cake mixes, and many others. Other similar industries are: medical products, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceutical, as well as third party logistics groups (3PLs) for co-packers and food-pharma grade warehouses.

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More Information:

ASC includes variance costing for manufacturing as food manufacturing processes may be "process based manufacturing." This is where lean manufacturing and costing is a great benefit, and our lean costing process is seamless all the way to the financial system.

ASCTrac® is designed for users who need to instantly handle any product recalls throughout their supply chain. Since we focus on true food-grade lot tracking in all of our applications, we exceed all FDA mandates.

In 2005, Microsoft® allied with ASC for a Food and Beverage solution for its own customers. After much investigation, the ASCTrac® WMS solution was chosen by Microsoft® as one of the best WMS solutions for the food and beverage industry and was included in the Microsoft® ISV solution stack. ASC has seamless connectivity to Microsoft® Dynamics® financial products.

Food Banks:

Another food specific industry that ASC supports is "not for profit" food banks. Food banks depend on quality tracked goods to insure quality food items for consumption, and we take special pride in being able to provide solutions for this. Just like any other food distributor, food banks need lot tracking, expiration date controls, quality control processes, and multi-zone controls for frozen foods, cooler goods, dry goods, chemicals, allergens, "special shopping areas," etc. In addition, donations must be assessed for acceptance into your facility in a food-grade manner. If you are a "not for profit" organization, we offer special incentives and donations to assist you in handling your supply chain goods.(Read more.)

We encourage our food manufacturers and distributors to donate goods to food banks when you can... A little food goes a long way to a person in need. In turn, ASC donates goods and services to food banks to lend a helping hand (Read more.)

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"Connecting the Dots In Your Supply Chain" ®


Our solutions have been "connecting the dots" for over twenty-five years in global supply chains for distribution and manufacturing.

When world-class customers require reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments, they contact us to solve their toughest challenges.

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Benefits and Features:

Many different modules and features are available as a result of our depth of experience in the food and beverage industry:

  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management (extensive lot tracking, food and pharma grade)
  • ASCTrac® Manufacturing (very extensive lot tracking, food and pharma grade)
  • Lot and Encrypted Lot tracking with Catch Weights (food and pharma grade)
  • Lot and Expiration Date Configurable Rules (food and pharma grade, FEFO and FIFO)
  • GS1 Bar Code Automation for catch weights, lot, etc.
  • Supports all FDA mandates
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Route Delivery (adds the ability to provide lot tracked goods right to retail or end users)
  • Process Manufacturing with Lean Accounting Methods
  • PLC, Scale, and Metering systems connectivity
  • Silo and Fluid Product lot tracking logic
  • Fluid Product Tank and Container Logic (food industry re-useable containers)
  • Asset Tracking and Maintenance (for re-usable containers, wash downs, etc.)
  • Quality Control - Quality Assurance Logic
  • Remote Manufacturing Module (food specific, supports catch weight, labeling at point of manufacturing)
  • Containerized Freight Tracking (for overseas containers - both import and export)
  • 3rd Party Logistics (food grade for co-packers)
  • Shop Floor Work In Process Tracking
  • Shop Floor Labor Tracking
  • Complete tracking and costing for the ERP solution
  • EDI connectivity for ASN's, RFID, etc.
  • Real time visibility for the accounting system
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules for ERP
  • and many more (view more option modules)

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