ASC Catalog Fulfillment Solutions

Fully Integrated Software Solutions for Catalog Fulfillment Operations:

Question: How do you go from EXECUTION to ORCHESTRATION in your catalog fulfillment operations?

ASCTrAX® auto-ID Solutions

"We are so confident in our ASC system that we offer our clients a - Guaranteed in Stock - offer, if we say it is stock and we are wrong, we will offer a 10% discount on the item."

- Jeff G. - VP Operations, Brock’s Performance


Catalog fulfillment operations need new innovative solutions to meet the exacting demands of their online customers.

Perfect Orders: Today's online customers have increasing expectations for their online shopping experience: - perfect inventory levels, perfect order fulfillment, perfect delivery expectations, notification of quantity available for shipment at the point of the order entry, and competitive pricing.

If any of these customer expectations are not met, your customer simply goes somewhere else.

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Therefore, to meet your customer expectations in your catalog operations, you will need:

  • Real-time trusted inventory quantities, (important to know what you can promise)
  • Full online customer shopping, (shopping carts, coupons, easy to use and configure)
  • Perfect order picking - shipping - tracking, (scalable for any size operation)
  • Full online customer service, (status, exceptions, returns),
  • Real-time customer order reporting, (anywhere, anytime, smart phones, tablets, etc.)

ASCTrac® WMS catalog fulfillment solutions provide these innovations as we are "connecting the dots in your supply chain"® for everyone.

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Award Winning Proven Solutions:

Microsoft ® selected the ASCTrac® WMS solution set as a leading innovation product (running in a catalog operation) and awarded the Microsoft ® Pinnacle Award for Innovation. In addition, ASC consistently wins "TOP 100 Supply Chain IT" award for best-in-class service and support.

For more than twenty five years now, ASC has been instrumental in helping "catalog fulfillment centers" track and ship products throughout their supply chain networks. ASC solutions have been field proven when customers demand reliable performance for world class enterprises in tough to track environments.

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Modules and Features:

Many different modules and features are available as a result of our depth of experience in catalog fulfillment operations:

  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management (distribution center)
  • ASCTrac® eBusiness Modules (customer facing for B2C and B2B, credit card and dealer pricing structures)
  • Seamless interface to your financial system (Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Oracle, legacy, etc.)
  • Seamless interface to other web facing sites (i.e., for real time XML-based inventory queries and order acceptance, drop shipments)
  • Parcel Shipping modules (capable of high volume 70,000 packages per day and above; multi-carrier freight rating, up-down levels, pre-rating).
  • Supports automated Warehouse Control Systems (WCS, conveyors, carousels, voice picks, pick-to-light, etc.)
  • Containerized Freight Tracking (CFT included for tracking inbound containers and "on the water" inventory)
  • 3rd Party Logistics capable (3PL/4PL with drop ship)
  • Demand Planning and Forecasting (accurate planning for inventory levels, seasonal, etc.)
  • EDI connectivity for ASN's, etc.(3PL or 4PL if needed)
  • Real time visibility for the accounting system with an accurate QATP
  • Fully integrated to the other ASC modules for ERP systems or manufacturing
  • and many more (view more option modules)

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