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For over twenty five years now, ASC has been instrumental in partnering with automotive manufacturers build, test, pack, and ship the correct parts to final assembly manufacturing points. As a matter of fact, in enabling the automotive supply chain, ASC is a leading innovator by creating the first auto-scanning automotive linking system to insure that parts were built and tracked to the final assembly plant and that full trailers of components were not accidentally removed by someone pulling trailers for the next shipment. ASC was instrumental in the first ever AIAG trailer automatic identification project - where the ASC design was selected as the AIAG standard format for all trailers in North America!

Features and Benefits:

Shutting down an automotive final assembly plant is extremely costly. The following ASC features are all important ingredients in a successful automotive supply chain solution:

ASC Automotive Solutions
  • Insure Proper Component Building
  • Insure Proper Testing (PLC connections)
  • Insure Proper Packing (wireless ability)
  • Insure Proper AIAG Labeling
  • Maybe connect directly to SAP for automatic input
  • Insure Proper Shipment (match transmissions for VIN sequence if needed)
  • Insure Proper EDI if required
  • Insure Proper Yard Tracking/Linking to final assembly if required

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Plus, all of this must be effective for the automotive environment, durable, and reliable for continued performance, 24/7. ASC solutions have proven themselves here by being dependable for over twenty years.

In addition to all of the main ASC solutions, there are two optional versions of ASC automotive/aerospace modules:

  • Pack Out version (insures proper packing and labeling)
  • Full manufacturing version (multiple work cell/assembly line tracking, with PLC interfaces, automated SAP key entry, wireless pack-out sub system, etc.)

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"Connecting the Dots In Your Supply Chain" ®


Our solutions have been "connecting the dots" for over twenty-five years in global supply chains for distribution and manufacturing.

When world-class customers demand reliable performance for multi-shift, multi-plant enterprises in tough to track environments, they contact us to solve their challenges.

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