ASCTrAX® for Dynamics® AX

Automated Data Collection and Verification Fully Integrated Inside AX:

ASCTrAX® auto-ID Solutions

"Using ASCTrax® at our facility allowed us to speed up all of our processes tremendously! Installation was quick, easy and seamless to the accounting side, and we are already in full production with it within days. Thank you ASC!"

James - ASCTrAX® user

ASCTrAX® provides wireless automated data collection (ADC) and verification for distribution and manufacturing businesses.

ASCTrAX ® makes the life of a mobile warehouse user more productive and efficient. ASCTrAX ® collects and verifies all inventory transactions in real-time (right at the point-of-activity) using wireless mobile computers and Auto-ID technologies. ASCTrAX ® is an extension for Microsoft ® Dynamics ® AX, so it is accessible right within AX. There are no external databases to synchronize with, nor any extra interfaces to purchase.

This extension speeds up and verifies operations for mobile warehouse users, saving time and eliminating faulty manual processes often associated with writing out inventory transactions and then entering into AX by hand. ASCTrAX ® users will experience less discrepancy, get real-time insight into inventory lists, and can confidently ensure correct items are picked for customer orders.

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ASCTrAX ® provides automated verification in AX deployments for smoother operations:

ASCTrAX® auto-ID solutions

Key Differentiations:

  • Runs inside AX, no external interfaces to buy or support
  • Real-time inventory validations using auto-ID technologies
  • Receive POs with accuracy, and eliminate double entries
  • Pick Customer Orders with accuracy, and invoice quicker
  • Process inventory counting with more accuracy and efficiency
  • Easy to configure setup, functions, and languages
  • Eliminates faulty and redundant manual processes
  • Uses ASC's patented enterprise wireless module
  • Uses ASC's enterprise label printing module
  • Uses AX's logic for which process to use per the AX configuration - means less to setup

ASCTrAX ® adds ASC's proven wireless mobile data collection processes with verification capabilities (using Auto-ID) with engineered processes to your existing Dynamics AX. We leverage our extensive experience in enterprise-class Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for proven performance.

ASCTrAX ® runs inside AX using the AX database and collects and verifies all inventory transactions in real-time (right at the point-of-activity) using wireless mobile computers and Auto-ID technologies. There are no external databases to synchronize with, nor any extra interfaces to purchase.

Receiving Purchase Orders: All receipts are validated using Auto-ID technology preventing mistakes from happening, and this data is real- time to AX as it is received at the dock.

Labels: Bar coded labels are placed on the received inventory items (called "license plates") and put away in bar coded inventory locations. These warehouse labels are available to print as directed from the mobile user via the ASCTrAX ® Enterprise print module. You can also design your own label formats. Multiple types of printers are supported.

Inventory is tracked in the warehouse using bar coded license plates and bin location bar code identifiers for ensuring accuracy. Inventory look-ups by the mobile user can be queried on the mobile device by item, lot number, or location for finding any item anywhere in the warehouse.

Cycle Counts: System directed and/or random cycle counts are used by the mobile users to reconcile any inventory discrepancies in real-time at the point of activity on the floor. Any inventory adjustments can be auto-posted in near real-time or batch posted to the AX Journal.

Picking Customer Orders: These are validated using Auto-ID technology preventing mistakes from happening in the first place. Picking accuracy helps create a "perfect order shipment" operation.

Shipping and Invoicing: The standard AX "Confirm Ship" is engaged to decrement inventory as orders are shipped, and this accurate shipment can go straight to the AX invoicing for an accurate invoice.

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ASCTrAX ®Technical Information:

ASCTrAX ® supports the standard AX "Dimensions" such as Sites, Warehouses, Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers, Expiration Dates, etc.

ASCTrAX ® mobile data collection is built upon ASC's award winning wireless mobile architecture designed for Enterprise class performance. Our proven intelligent wireless client was designed and built for speed and insures no lost transactions.

We also provide an ASC mobile simulator module which runs on PCs and can be used as a back-up for performing mobile transactions and for training purposes.

ASCTrAX ® includes a WYSIWYG label design tool for creating bar coded and/or human readable label templates. Labels can be requested from any wireless mobile user or PC user to any network connected bar code printer, and printed using ASC's Enterprise Printing Module.

"License plate" labels can be applied to inventory at the time of receipt for tracking pallet and item quantities, lot numbers, and serial numbers.

All inventory transactions are validated with Purchase Orders or Customer Orders created in AX for proper item and quantity. These receipts or customer order picks are recorded in real-time as they arrive at the dock or are picked on the floor and an audit log exists for all transactions by user to add accountability.

A system configuration utility is included for assigning access rights to individual users or a user group which defines the available wireless menu selections. Also, other configurable warehouse rules are set in this configuration for the warehouse processes - configurable by site and ASCTrAX ®supports unlimited sites.

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