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Integrated Software Solutions for Distribution, and Manufacturing Operations

ASC Products and Services

"Connecting the dots in the supply chain" ®: At ASC, we have been "connecting the dots in the supply chain" ® using our technology and innovations for over twenty-five (25) years. Our focus and experience has been on innovative processes for complete "end-to-end" Supply Chain Solutions.

Proven Mission Critical Solutions: As a leader, not a follower, we provide entire supply chain execution and planning solutions - such as eBusiness (B2B-B2C-3PL-4PL customer ordering), Manufacturing Execution and planning (MES), advanced Warehouse Distribution and planning (WMS, level 5), 3rd Party Logistics (3PL or Co-manufacturer), shipping solutions (parcel and LTL, FTL, rail), and all the way through delivery Route and proof-of-delivery (POD.)

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Software Solutions:

Software Solutions
  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Management System - (WMS) advanced warehouse management, shipping, advanced order handling and planning solutions, embedded EDI operations, advanced warehouse metrics (ASCTrac® is the only WMS product on the market that guarantees no loss of mobile transactions based upon our award-winning innovations)
  • ASCTrac® Manufacturing; (MES) advanced manufacturing execution and planning solution, seamlessly works with our optional MRP, DRP, Shop Floor, Demand Forecasting
  • ASCTrac® Warehouse Control System - (WCS) for warehouse automation systems, this is the "system brain" for automated or robotic warehouse picking and sortation systems
  • ASCTrac® Shipping Management System - advanced shipping processes such as freight rating with multi-carrier rate shopping, LTL versus parcel shipment decisions, load scheduling and tendering, bills of lading, custom documents by client, load planning and scheduling
  • ASCTrac® Demand Forecast and Replenishment Planning - (DRP), distribution resource planning
  • ASCTrac® Materials Requirements Planning - (MRP) for manufacturing, with advanced scheduling
  • ASCTrac® Shop Floor and Planning - for manufacturing, pharmaceutical-grade with advanced scheduling; use for "process" or serialized manufacturing processes (food and pharma grade QC processes and testing)
  • ASCTrac® eBusiness - (B2B, B2C, and 3PL), advanced web based e-commerce solutions
  • ASCTrac® Enterprise - Enterprise distribution and manufacturing deployments, cloud or on-premise
  • Industry specific solutions:
  • -- Consumer, Paper, Textile, and Electronic goods
  • -- Food and Beverage industry specific solutions (with associated QC processes)
  • -- Not-for-profit food organizations (specifically designed for all operations, including order entry)
  • -- Pharmaceutical specific solutions (with associated QC processes, pharma level tracking)
  • -- Medical Device specific solutions (with associated QC processes and serial history)
  • -- Automotive and "sequential build" specific solutions
  • -- Dairy industry specific (QC receiving, specific inventory and costing rules)
  • -- Any industry - Fluid-based "process" manufacturing solutions (includes catch-weigh items)
  • -- Any industry - Serialized products and "discrete" manufacturing solutions (or multi-plant segregated manufacturing)
  • Container Management - (CFT) containerized freight tracking, overseas containers, site-to-site transfers, "said to contain" rules, size and load planning to demand, designed for purchasing departments, landed costs, port of entry tracking
  • Exact costing modules - exact labor plus materials costs per lot, costs per batch, costs per serial number, and exact costs per order
  • ASCTrac® Yard Management System - (YMS), track and control vessels and drivers in and out of your yard areas, security, seals, etc.
  • ASCRoute® - route planning, trailer load planning, proof of delivery module, mobile field sales/route delivery proof of delivery solutions, load order planning, pre-sized inventories and planning
  • ASCTrac® Third Party Logistics - (3PL) for co-packers and third party distribution groups
  • Returns Management and Repair modules - (RMA) returns processes, returns for credit
  • ASCTrac® Parcel Shipping - Parcel shipping and Pack-Out verification with global points of origin
  • ASCTrac® Event Management - automate system events, trigger certain functions
  • ASCTrac® Voice Picking - fully integrated voice picking
  • ASC Mobile Devices - ASC mobile device management for the enterprise
  • Connectivity to any PLC, ERP, or accounting system - (connectivity to any platform - manufacturing controls PLC, Microsoft ERP, Oracle, SAP, Sage, Exact, etc.)
  • XML Connectivity to any online eCommerce or TMS system - real-time fulfillment from any system based upon XML
  • ASCTrac® EDI Collaboration - electronic data interchange solutions, fully embedded and automated, and fully connected
  • RFID and bar code - fully automated and embedded
  • ASCTrAX ® For Dynamics AX ® - automated data and verification solution (ADC), runs inside Microsoft® Dynamics AX ®.
  • Tailored Solutions for any auto-ID or supply chain application

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Professional Services and Support:

Professional Services
  • Supply Chain process consulting
  • Re-engineering and designs of supply chain processes
  • Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)
  • Manufacturing Execution Solutions (MES)
  • Transportation Management Solutions (TMS)
  • Route Planning and Delivery expertise (DSD)
  • Auto-ID devices expertise (bar code scanning, RFID usage, wireless mobility)
  • Complete ERP integrations and interfacing
  • ROI and RFP Studies
  • Specifications and Process Reviews
  • On-site Professional Services
  • Remote Professional Services
  • Training and Support Services
  • Support Agreements (North America based)
  • Cost Analysis Studies
  • Programming for unique supply chain or tracking needs
  • Auto-ID Hardware Expertise and Support
  • Auto-ID Hardware Service Agreements

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Hardware Solutions:

Hardware Solutions
  • Mobile computers with scanners (Motorola, Intermec, Psion)
  • Thermal Bar Code Printers (Zebra, Printronix, Sato)
  • Portable bar code and receipt printers
  • RFID readers, mobile and fixed (Alien, Motorola)
  • Industrial bar code scanners, mobile and fixed
  • Industrial PC's and automation products (including freezer mobility)
  • Keyboard cordless scanner kits
  • Shop Floor work-cell terminals (tablet, industrial)
  • Industrial work cell PC workstations

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Our advanced distribution, manufacturing, shipping, and eBusiness solutions have been field proven in consumer goods manufacturers, 3PL warehouses, food and beverage (dairy) manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics manufacturers, route delivery/pickup companies, financial institutions, paper goods manufacturers, automotive manufacturing, healthcare industry, and industries of all sizes and distinctions.

For companies that require flexible and robust distribution and manufacturing solutions that provide dynamic functionality and high performance, plus "off-the-shelf" ease of setup, then ASCTrac ® is the answer. And, it's very affordable - you pick only the modules you need.

Award winning solutions with continuous innovations since 1989, ASCTrac ® was designed from the ground up as a complete end-to-end solution.

(Note: Specifications and products are subject to change without notice. All product and company names are trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.)

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