Selected News Updates for ASC End Users

ASC continues to provide innovations for our supply chain solutions:

ASC Announces "Next Generation" of Supply Chain - ASCTrac® WMS Version 9.x:

Q1 - 2016

Our newest version of the ASCTrac® WMS system is now available (available Q1-2016) and includes many new "next generation" innovations. New features added in this release are new levels of dynamic operations planning, more mobile proof-of-events (newer device support for mobile devices), better food and pharmaceutical supply chain quality checks, and enhanced user experiences in all areas of the product.

If you are a planner, the new version will add features such as a more manufacturing support for all planning and scheduling in your Enterprise, advanced planning features for "what if" scenarios, and easier reporting elements to allow business intelligence elements to be user defined.

These were announced in Q4 - 2015 with a pre-release webinar for all users, and we are now shipping the "next generation" version 9.x. Please check with your ASC Project Manager for more details...

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ASC Announces New Business Intelligence User-Defined Platform

May 15th, 2015

All new releases of ASCTrac® WMS system will now include a new business intelligence platform for publishing relevant data. In addition to the existing data elements, this new version will allow advanced users to develope their own custom BI screens from the data available in this new secure data platform (unless data is restricted.) For ease of use, any graphical BI user-tool can be connected to this secure platform.

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ASC Announces Advanced Shipping Management System

May 8th, 2013

The new ASCTrac® WMS shipping management solution will be focusing on many new aspects of the shipping areas as a seamless module to the distribution system that handles: advanced freight rating with multi-carrier rate shopping, LTL versus parcel shipment decisions, automated up-down service levels at manifest point, load scheduling and load tendering, bills of lading (by client or carrier), custom load documents by client, and provides "connected" load plans from the ASC Logistics Module. There is also a module for using other external TMS systems (XML based) ..

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