Why ASC?

Quite simply, we do what we say we will do, on time, and on budget, to solve your toughest supply chain challenges. This gives your company a competitive edge.

award winning solutions

"Teaming with ASC allowed us to achieve our goals on schedule, under budget, and with very positive results. The best part is the value that was achieved by working with ASC as a partner."

Mike G. - Consumers Energy

We help you cut operating costs: In today's economy, reality means that you have to pay close attention to your business in an ever-increasing vigilance to provide a true competitive "value chain." You simply cannot waste your time and money to buy the most expensive solution thinking you bought the best - you must select the best operational solution and the best partner for your operations. Maybe revenues are not growing as you expect, but you can increase your bottom line by cutting operating costs through innovation.

Experience Counts: As a leading supply chain solution provider for more than twenty-five years (serving more than 600 customers), we are very aware of the need for affordable and adaptable solutions for companies of all sizes and complexity. With more than 25 years of features built-in to ASCTrac ® - companies with less experience simply cannot deliver the same built-in off-the-shelf features.

Companies That Use ASCTrac®:

  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest food company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest dairy products company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest 3PL in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest wheat mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest corn mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest fresh berry distributor in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest cereal manufacturer in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by one of the largest global pharmaceutical distribution and sourcing services

Our customer list includes some of the world's largest corporations and they depend on us for tools that work well. You can put our experience to work for you too! Read More

Best In Class: To empower our customers to achieve "best-in-class" efficiencies, ASC has built advanced software tools that are Adaptable, Simple to use, and Cost effective. Chances are that if you can dream it, we have already done it - existing "off the shelf" software keeps your total costs lower.

Award winning: Consistently winning top awards every year proves that we are pioneers and innovators in our processes to solve complex supply chain challenges. Comparing our advanced feature sets and then partnering with us simply makes good business sense - partnering with a winner allows you to be a winner too.

Competitive Advantage: Our customers utilize ASCTrac® WMS for their mission critical distribution and manufacturing operations for 100% perfect order shipments. ASCTrac® WMS is their competitive advantage.

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Giving Back to the Community:

donatePlus, we give back to the community when you purchase something from us in some way to help those in need. We support food banks, medical research, school and community organizations.

We encourage our client manufacturers and distributors to donate goods when they can as a little goes a long way to help those in need. (Read more.)

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Bill Gates Once Said:

donate"The best software is designed and built by small companies. . ." As a smaller company, we are very flexible and can move faster than larger vendors to meet our customers' needs - thus being a true partner with our clients. We know all of our clients on a first name basis as our support team is based in the USA!

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6 More Top Reasons to Partner with ASC:

1 - Bottom Line, Best ROI and TCO In the Industry:

  • We do what we say we will do, on time, and on budget
  • Best Return On Investment (ROI) - as compared by our clients
  • Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - as compared by our clients (compared over a 5 year period)
  • Transfer of knowledge to our clients - train the trainer helps you and saves money
  • No loss of investment in any of your customizations as we create new versions
  • We make it easy to convert from older WMS systems to newer ASC WMS solutions when you are ready

ASC has consistently provided the best ROI and TCO in the industry for many years. Want to know more? Request our "Why Partner With ASC" document for more details.


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2 - Highly Adaptable and Modular by Design:

  • Best ROI in the industry as you purchase only the modules that you need
  • Easily configurable by users for changing business requirements, extremely adaptable by design
  • Supports ongoing growth with optional modules - true Enterprise wide capabilities
  • Strategic Alliances allow ASC to provide complete solutions for the entire supply chain
  • Award winning software consistently since our inception in 1989.
  • Modularity - purchase only what you need today; add additional modules tomorrow... or next year. (ask about our lifetime upgrade plan.)

3 - Extensive and Innovative Functionality:

  • ASC has provided innovative functionality since 1989 - some of our achievements have set the bar for the industry
  • Over 25 years of features - companies with less experience simply cannot deliver the same built-in off-the-shelf features
  • One of the best feature sets in the industry (as measured by independent supply chain experts)
  • Purposeful built solutions for your industry as every vertical industry is different
  • Comprehensive, real-time and fully integrated product suite with solutions for WMS, eBusiness, Manufacturing Execution, MRP, Yard Management, Route Delivery, 3PL, invoicing, purchasing, and warehouse control systems (WCS - robotic control software)
  • Greater ROI through decreased operational costs, increased efficiencies and you will have happier customers
  • Improved supply chain relationships - visibility to work together in a collaborative mode
  • Constant investment in R&D - we are committed to making your operations better with each release.

4 - Supported by an Experienced Professional Services Team:

  • Committed to achieving measurable success on time and within the established budget
  • For North America customers, ASC support is USA based, so we know our clients on a first name basis (and their needs). For international customers, our reselling partners provide support usually locally and in the local language.
  • ASC support team utilizes a collaborative web-based support system; you have full capability to enter and track all your support requests 7-24-365, real time, from anywhere in the world, fully reportable and fully actionable
  • The ASC support team uses alerts and benchmarks for better support performance for you (time entered, closed, escalation processes, guaranteed response times, etc.)
  • ASC software updates are included with basic support agreement and updates are modular for easier updates
  • All of our ASC products are designed, built, tested, and supported in the USA based upon our team having years of real-world experience.
  • Proven implementation blueprint, adaptable to your specific project
  • Most implementations are completed in about three months (dependent upon customer time frames)
  • We consistently stay on budget with a better software-to-services ratio; this lowers your total cost of ownership (ASC is about 1 to 1) and allows a faster R.O.I.
  • We do what we say we will do, and on time
  • ASC has a spotless record with no failed implementations and we have used the same business name for more than twenty-five years
  • Experienced Professional Services Group with varied specialties
  • Complete Solutions - Software, hardware, implementation, support, and training.
  • Support User group meetings designed to help us help you more

5 - Success Drives Our Organization:

  • Industry recognized for excellence - Listed as one of the "Top 100 Logistics Suppliers"
  • Our company has been successful for more than twenty-five years
  • Excellent balance sheet, company is financially sound
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, partnerships are very important to us
  • Extremely knowledgeable and hands-on management, very experienced staff
  • Strong strategic alliances and partnerships allow us to provide the best solutions available.

6 - Happy Customers:

  • More than 600+ customers globally
  • ASC has very large Tier 1 clients, medium sized Tier 2 clients, and smaller Tier 3 clients with the ability to service and support any size company
  • True Enterprise-wide solutions that support ongoing customer growth by solving complex supply chain challenges
  • Training programs can be held either at the ASC training facility, or the customer's site
  • Our customer list includes some of the world's largest corporations and they depend on us for tools that work well.
  • Happy customers are loyal customers. Many references are available.

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