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"We saved as much as 35% on our labor costs by using the fully integrated shipping solution from ASC. We also increased the accuracy of all of our customer orders to over 99.9% which makes our customers happy."

Tony H. - ASCTrac® Customer

Since our inception in 1989, we have been partnering with our customers to provide "best-in-class" and "best-of-breed" supply chain solutions. Our focus is on complete end-to-end supply chain solutions - from web eBusiness, manufacturing, warehouse management (WMS), 3rd Party Logistics, all the way through route and proof of delivery.

In business for more than 25 years, we have had a 100% successful and proven track record with hundreds of companies - more than 600+ customers to date. Some of our customers are the world's largest in their field:

  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest food company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest dairy products company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest 3PL in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest wheat mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest corn mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest fresh berry distributor in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest cereal manufacturer in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by one of the largest global pharmaceutical distribution and sourcing services

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Experience Counts:

These companies have selected to partner with ASC and depend on us for tools that work well in their enterprise. To provide these top quality solutions, we work with our customers as partners to solve their most complex supply chain challenges.

ASC's primary focus is on the food-and-beverage and pharmaceutical supply chains. Therefore, we have selected a few of our leading industry customers to show in the list below. There are also many other companies that are not our direct customers that are utilizing our web eBusiness/eCommerce or other modules in one or more of their 3PL partner locations (as collaboration tools for their external partners or for internal distribution and manufacturing networks or co-manufacturers).

Some of Our Customers and What They Are Saying:

With thousands of customer users working with our solutions every day, (naturally not all are listed here,) we want to protect their privacy and technology as most of them consider us to be their competitive advantage. As such, we have selected only a few customer comments to show below:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Products:

"Our choice to partner with ASC was the best thing that we ever did for our warehouse distribution center operation. Our labor productivity was dramatically improved and our inventory accuracy was near 100%. These two reasons alone paid for the system in only a few months. But, a real gain was our ability to provide a much better and improved service for our customers. We gained the ability to ship their orders the same day and fill rates were dramatically improved."

- Ed C., Distribution Manager, Kimberly Clark Medical Products

Catalog Fulfillment Operations:

"Since installing ASCTrac’s Catalog Fulfillment Solutions, our business has experienced double digit growth. The ability to offer a world class eCommerce platform has changed us from a purely transactional marketer to one that engages and builds relationships, add the ASCTrac WMS and we have the complete package that repeatedly supports our mission statement of “Unsurpassed customer service combined with comprehensive solutions to our customers’ needs”. We are so confident in our system that we offer our clients a “Guaranteed in Stock” offer, if we say it is stock and we are wrong, we will offer a 10% discount on the item."

- Jeff G. VP Operations, Brock’s Performance

Manufacturing with Serial Numbered Products:

"By replacing our old WMS system with ASC's ASCTrac WMS, we increased our receiving capacity by 80%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our serial number accuracy to 100%, and reduced the ERP 65-70 minute posting time to about 6 seconds. Thank you ASC!"

- Larry V., Distribution Manager

Automotive and 3PL:

"We utilize ASCTrac WMS in our 3PL operations for some very large corporations in the automotive world. It is the cornerstone of our technology that helps us achieve the just-in-time delivers with 100% accuracy that our customers require. Leveraging ASCTrac's technology is what gives us the advantage."

- Jay F, Celadon Logistics (a 3PL and logistics company)

Utilities group:

"We have used ASCTrac WMS for several years in many of our storerooms and it has proven to be a valuable investment. Before ASCTrac, we were working with mainframe legacy systems for many years and had no automated data collection, just keyboard entry. When we installed ASCTrac WMS and the legacy system interface, it gave us wireless real time data collection, additional functionality, and increased accuracy. The result was high user acceptance and improved customer satisfaction. Teaming with ASC allowed us to achieve our goals on schedule, under budget, and with very positive results. The best part is the value that was achieved by working with ASC as a partner."

- Mike G., Consumers Energy (a utility company)

3PL group:

"ASC's complete suite of products has allowed IntegraCore to offer our clients unparalleled solutions. It has been our key tool for increased growth. (Watch Customer Video. . .)

- Rob G., CIO, IntegraCore

3PL Group:

"Our ASCTrac WMS saved us about 25 percent in direct labor costs as a result of automation from a legacy system, and our accuracy increased to about 100 percent. We are glad that we partnered with ASC for our technology solution. Using the integrated ASC eBusiness module, our customers use their web browser to see their real-time inventory which allows us to provide excellent customer service."

- Dave P., 3PL Distribution

Happy Customers:

- "It is our goal to be able to offer extremely dynamic, user-friendly Supply Chain solutions to warehouse distribution centers, manufacturing sites, and third party warehouses, all at an affordable, realistic investment. Quite simply, our tools work, and they provide a real value with a faster ROI to our customers."

Editor's note:

In an effort to provide a real value to our clients, ASC respects the privacy of each of our 600+ clients. Out of respect for our clients privacy, we do not publish our clients' logos on our web site. As we would work closer with you our prospective client, rest assured that we would respect your privacy too. (All company names listed above are registered names or trademarks of those respective companies. All published quoted comments above in the "What our customers are saying" section were published with written permission.)

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