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From: Pete Gilstrap, ASC

Subject: "How To Compete in the Future Supply Chain"

Today's reality is that company budgets are continually shrinking as expectations of efficiencies for operations are continually rising. Pressure is increasing globally inside organizations to improve their processes and become leaner to control costs. Small and medium size companies are competing with the larger companies even more than before for market share.

As a leading supply chain solution provider for more than twenty-five (25) years, we are very aware of the need for affordable and adaptable solutions that provide new innovative ideas for the new supply chain for businesses of all sizes. You simply cannot waste time and money to buy the most expensive solution thinking you bought the best, you must select the best solution and the best partner to fit your needs and your operations.

To empower clients to achieve "best-in-class" efficiencies, ASC has built innovative software tools that are Adaptable, Simple to use, and Cost effective. At ASC, we are pioneers in our willingness to clearly create "best-of-breed" and innovative warehouse and manufacturing solutions based upon sound business processes. In addition, we support the best and most current technology products available. We feel that a company needs to control and improve their processes overall and automate those processes using technology. Understanding technology is an essential skill but only in the context of it being a part of the overall process improvement of the company.

ASC has had a long and distinguished history in meeting our mission of delivering innovative software solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, route, and 3PL markets. As you can see from our list of products, we have created a wide array of effective solutions for the supply chain industry - all with a very good return-on-investment for our clients. We have provided these essential solutions for some of the largest distributors and manufacturers in the world.

Our team wants to ensure the quality of the goods you receive as a consumer - especially in the food and pharmaceutical channels. As such, every ASC team member takes personal pride in the fact that our solutions are being used to ensure that you are getting the best quality assurance for products in the "track-and-trace" and "farm-to-fork" channels through out the entire global supply chain.

And now, in the next half of another decade, we have entered perhaps the most productive period of our company's history. To help us remain at the forefront of the industry and accelerate new products into the pipeline, ASC remains committed to reinvesting in our leading-edge innovations to continue to provide our customers with the next generation of products. This reinvestment includes, but is not limited to: heavy investment in our R&D efforts for ongoing new product features, enhanced business intelligence ability for managers, best-in-practice processes for work flows, and investments in internal systems to enable our employees to better manage projects, support, and development.

The next few years in the supply chain will prove to be a challenge for some delivery systems and a boom for others. Your clients' needs today have become more complex and they want instant delivery, perfect orders, and they also want to be connected with instant notifications. In the next few years, you will require more features, automation, and adaptability when solving these complex needs for your supply chain. As a leader in innovation, ASC can proudly say that we are fully prepared to help guide you to success.

I invite you to explore our web site to learn more about the dynamic supply chain solutions we offer. As you may have noticed, we constantly update our web content as we provide new ideas and concepts for the evolving supply chain.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve success in your supply chain project.


Pete Gilstrap

Pete Gilstrap
ASC President


Pete Gilstrap is President and CEO of ASC, a privately-held family-owned company based in Dayton, Ohio, USA. ASC is a software solutions company of which, under the leadership of Mr. Gilstrap, has pioneered innovative processes combined with auto-ID technologies for the Supply Chain industry for more than twenty- five years (since 1989.)

Mr. Gilstrap has almost forty (40) years of technical experience in his profession and is a speaker and educator in the industry (taught logistics at Wright State University.) As a recognized industry expert, he is often a requested speaker and does several keynote addresses for the supply chain on "best practices" every year at different industry events.

Currently, he is assisting the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on designs for the next generation in pharmaceutical serialization and traceability for the supply chain.

Mr. Gilstrap has also authored several papers for educational purposes on collaboration, processes, compliance, and wireless systems (including RFID business case). He has been quoted and featured in many trade publications in his industry over the years. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering.

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