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Innovative Solutions for Complex Manufacturing and Distribution Operations

award winning solutions

"By replacing our old WMS system with ASC's ASCTrac® WMS, we increased our receiving capacity by 80%, increased our inventory accuracy to 99.99%, increased our serial number accuracy to 100%, and reduced the ERP 65-70 minute posting time to about 6 seconds. Thank you ASC!"

Larry V. - ASC customer

Since our inception in 1989, we have been partnering with our clients to provide "best-in-class" and "best-of-breed" supply chain solutions based on our collective years of engineering and innovation experience.

These solutions generally involve a mobile work force, complex supply chain processes, external system integrations, and an innovative approach to some of the toughest challenges in the supply chain.

Our years of experience in this area have produced some of the highest performance and easiest-to-use supply chain solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry for price and performance.

Quite simply, we do what we say we will do - and on budget.

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ASC - Giving Back to the Community:

donateWe give back to the community when you purchase something from us in some way to help those in need. We support food banks, medical research, school and community organizations.

We encourage our supply chain manufacturers and distributors to donate goods when they can as a little goes a long way to help those in need.
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ASC - An Executive Summary:

Located centrally in the United States, ASC is an American owned company that is privately held, family-owned financially stable company that has been in business since 1989 (over 25 years) with the same name and the same family owners. We provide innovative solutions to some of the world's largest companies for their complex mission critical supply chain operations.

Our family owners are active in the daily business, and as a result, our startup mission statement has always remained consistent: "Provide the best distribution and manufacturing solutions at a very reasonable price to provide the best ROI for our clients." Honesty and ethics are our core values. By NOT being a public company nor being controlled by venture capital firms, we feel we can provide a much better partnership experience by caring for our clients.

All of our ASC products are designed, built, tested, and supported in the USA based upon our team having years of real-world experience. For our clients NOT in the USA, and if you prefer, we have a network of global partners for front-line support in your regions.

In following our mission statement, our company has won many awards for our innovative solutions including Top 100 IT Solution providers in the world, best-in-class design for wireless infrastructure, and the Microsoft® Pinnacle Award. Consistently earning these annual awards is due to our best-in-class service and support levels while solving the challenges of "level 5" complexities for our clients (1=low, 5=high) using our innovative solutions.

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Bill Gates Once Said:

"... the best software is designed and built by small companies. . ." As a smaller company, we are very flexible and can move faster than larger vendors to meet our customers' needs - thus being a true partner with our clients. We know all of our clients on a first name basis - you are NOT a number with us as our support team is in the USA.

We have a team of highly experienced and very talented professionals that can solve your toughest supply chain challenges. As our clients say: "The ASC solutions are used as a competitive edge by our company. . ."

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ASC's Experience:

Since 1989, ASC's supply chain solutions have been field proven by some of the world's largest companies throughout the world. Over 600 companies to be exact. These solutions are designed for world-class enterprise-level clients (as we have many Fortune 200 clients.) But, our solutions work equally well for small and medium sized businesses as the size of the company does not always determine the complexity level. Further, our distribution and manufacturing expertise is mainly in food and pharmaceutical operations (FDA approved solutions), but our solutions work well in any industry.

Our customer list includes some of the world's largest corporations in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive and aerospace, document management, consumer packaged goods, government and education, catalog fulfillment, utility industries, as well as many small to mid-size companies. These companies have depended on us for tools that work well in mission critical operations.

  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest food company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest dairy products company in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest 3PL in the world,
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest wheat mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest corn mill in the free world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest fresh berry distributor in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by the largest cereal manufacturer in the world
  • ASCTrac® - used by one of the largest global pharmaceutical distribution and sourcing services

You can put our experience to work for you too! Plus, we have a certified group of business partners for our products located throughout the world to insure your success. Contact us to find one near you.

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ASC's Solutions:

ASC is a software development and consulting company that provides complete end-to-end supply chain solutions:

  • ASCTrac® - advanced Warehouse Management solutions (WMS), for distribution,
  • ASCTrac® - advanced Manufacturing execution solutions (MES, both discrete and process manufacturing, Shop Floor, 3PL co-manufacturing for food and pharma),
  • ASCTrac® - Manufacturing Resource Planning - MRP solutions (both discrete and process manufacturing, Shop Floor planning and execution, PO requisitions, enterprise planning),
  • ASCTrac® - advanced eBusiness web collaboration and order entry solutions (web-based B2B-B2C-3PL),
  • ASCTrac® - demand planning and forecasting, (Demand Forecasting, MRP),
  • ASCTrac® - logistics planning and scheduling, (enterprise order, demand driven, etc.)
  • ASCTrac® - parcel shipping - basic LTL, FTL, parcel, bill of ladings, labels, global docs, etc
  • ASCTrac® - advanced transportation management solutions (advanced LTL and parcel shipping),
  • connections to Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) directed automated picking systems, etc,
  • ASCRoute® - Route delivery and proof of delivery (DSD),
  • connections to automated machines such as palletizers, metering, etc, (PLC's)
  • ERP and accounting system agnostic, we can interface to any ERP,or legacy system
  • EDI and ASN collaboration, (EDI portals using ASC's embedded EDI data intelligence)
  • Third party logistics (3PL) functions (for service organizations or co-packers, 3PL Invoicing, Purchasing, etc.)
  • and many others...

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ASC's Price Performance Advantage:

By using our process methodologies, we provide customers with affordable, easy-to-use tools for managing complex situations. Experience has shown that operational efficiency can increase from 70% to 100%, and accuracy from about 65% to 99.99% with "best-in-class" process solutions. New levels of operational efficiency are achieved by eliminating manual data entry and making intelligent decisions based on accurate, real-time data at the point of activity.

The results are increased employee productivity, improved customer service, and an overall reduction in costs. With this newfound speed and accuracy, our customers generally get a return on their investment in only a few short months.

ASC is well known for providing great value for our customers. Our prices are extremely competitive with exceptional price to performance metrics. We can do this by providing focused solutions, consultants with more than 30 years of experience, and a flat line management structure which keeps our costs lower. Keeping our costs low helps keep our prices competitive, and ROI is therefore quicker with ASC. In addition, our working partnership formed with you, our customer, insures mutual success.

Delivering real "value chain" solutions faster increases your bottom line quicker.

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For more information, give us a call at 937-429-1428 or click the "Request Information" links to request more information.

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